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In addition to being your home for Pro and Technical Training, Pura Vida Divers also has unique courses you won’t find anywhere else in the world. While you’re training with us, take one of our 2 PADI Distinctive Specialties: Blue Heron Bridge Specialty and Blackwater Drift Diving Specialty.


Learn all about the world-famous Blue Heron Bridge Dive Site when you take this PADI Distincitve Specialty. The Blue Heron Bridge was chosen in 2013 as the best dive site in the world by PADI’s Sport Diver magazine for good reasons. Its diversity of marine life and its easy accessibility are just two of the many important traits divers enjoy.

When you dive Blue Heron Bridge you encounter numerous sea creatures that are a rarity to find throughout the world. Seahorses and pipefish in all sizes and colors make the top of the list at this amazing dive site. Octopus, including the Atlantic long arm (aka. mimic octopus), can be found while diving here. Add to the list the odd marine life such as sea robins, flying gurnards, batfish, frogfish, stargazers, and over 100 different species of nudibranchs to name a few.

During the specialty course, you’ll become familiar with its rich history, “muck” diving techniques, and the best methods of diving the site. In addition, you’ll learn all about the huge variety marine life you encounter on each dive. For instance, you’ll cover octopus, seahorses, sea robins, batfish, and nudibranchs, just to name a few! Once you complete the specialty, you’ll know everything you need to make the most out of every dive.


Blackwater drift dives are truly one of the most stunning experiences underwater. During these dives, you witness the largest migration on the planet: the diurnal migration. Every night, creatures living hundreds of feet below the ocean surface swim toward the shallow depths in search of food. You’ll see breathtaking bioluminescent creatures, jellies, squid, and the larvae stages of many reef creatures. Each Black Water drift night dive is different and unpredictable. We never know what animal, small or large, will pay us a visit.

The Blackwater Drift Diving specialty prepares you to enjoy the wonders of Blackwater Dives in a Drift Environment. You’ll learn how to effectively prepare for and plan blackwater drift dives. You’ll also learn best practices and safety standards for the dives. Finally, you’ll discover all the types of marine life these dives have to offer.

Course Prerequisites

To take the Blackwater Drift Diving Specialty, students must be at least 15 years old. In addition, a PADI Advanced Open Water Certification or equivalent is required.

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