alumni incentives

Your relationship with Pura Vida Divers doesn’t end when your course does. We are here as a resource for you while you build your pro dive career. Below are some of the ways we continue to support you on your journey even after your program with us is complete. 

Resume preparation assistance

Pura Vida Divers is committed to setting you up for success. We want you to start your job search feeling confident and prepared. A big part of this is helping  you craft a strong, solid resume.

Because of this, we offer resume preparation guidance to all our career candidates. Your resume should reflect your high-level training, strengths, and best qualities. We’ll help you identify what parts of your background will excite prospective employers. Then we’ll show you the best way to highlight these. Through active feedback sessions, you’ll develop a resume that will stand out among all the others.

job placement services

Pura Vida Divers is proud to offer job placement services to its pro alumni. We have longstanding relationships with many PADI Dive Centers and Resorts, and are happy to vouch for the training you received during your time with us.

Learn more about Job Placement Services for our alumni. 

independent instructor program

Once you become a PADI Dive Instructor, you’ll be able to teach independently, without needing to operate directly out of a shop. To help our alumni with operating costs, we offer exclusive discounts to former students of our programs.

The the independent instructor program, Pura Vida Divers provides its instructor alumni discounts on charters, rental gear, facility use, and more. These discounts apply to both you and your students. We also have a commission-based incentive as part of our Independent Instructor Program.


pura vida pro facebook network

Pura Vida Divers has a Facebook Group exclusively for its current and former professional candidates.

This group provides a community of support for everyone who completes a professional program or course with us. You’ll be immediately connected to dive pros who are eager to grow and collaborate on best practices. The group also provides regular updates about PADI, DAN, and the dive industray at large.