veterans dive training

Veterans Dive Education

Pura Vida Divers is proud to be the only dive shop in Palm Beach County approved for VA educational benefits through the State of Florida. Veterans are eligible to use the GI BILL® (Chapter 33) or VR&E (Chapter 31) to complete any of our 4 career programs depending on their goals.

To find which program is right for you, first explore the available programs using the link below. You may also wish to look at a-la-carte courses to pair with your program. While your Veterans Benefits do not cover individual courses, students can supplement qualifying career program(s) with these additional options. We can also customize your package in the event that you’ve already completed some of the requirements.

Available Programs

We have 6 Career Programs available for Veteran benefits. You can start at the very beginning and move all the way up to a pro diver, or begin with some dive experience already under your belt. Once you have a chance to explore them, you’ll have a sense of all the possibilities available to you with Pura Vida Divers.

Applying for Veterans Benefits

To apply for your Veterans Benefits, visit our Veterans Info page, where you can learn more about the process of enrolling in one of our Career Programs.

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